The Manor Speaks on the Impact of the #MeToo Movement

Our own Executive Clinical Director, Dr. Chantelle Thomas, along with Dr. Marcus R. Earle, Ph.D. and Oren Matteson, led a timely and engaging panel discussion in Chicago on the identity of men and the concept of masculinity in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Each panelist shared their experience working with men and women during this critical time of change — and generated an engaging conversation striving to broaden perspectives and understanding. They addressed such questions as “How have our views of men and masculinity changed or remained the same?” and “What is changing for women?”

Dr. Chantelle Thomas is The Manor’s Executive Clinical Director and a Clinical Psychologist specializing in addiction treatment, trauma and health psychology. With her experience in trauma work, Dr. Thomas guides our clinical team in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of each guest. Dr. Thomas is also a certified biofeedback practitioner, providing clients at The Manor with an added dimension of insight and discovery helping them better regulate and understand the psychological impact of stress and chronic trauma.

Thank you to everyone who attended and joined the discussion! And a special thanks to Millennium Counseling Center and Psychological Counseling Services for co-hosting the event with The Manor!