The Manor Offers Clients Somatic Experiencing as a Powerful Tool to Overcome Trauma

KETTLE MORAINE, Wis., June 28, 2017 — The Manor (, a luxury residential addiction treatment center in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine Forest, announced it is now offering an additional body-oriented approach in the healing of individuals who have experienced trauma and substance abuse.

This approach, called Somatic Experiencing, is used to release trauma stored in the body. Somatic Experiencing can be especially effective for those whose bodies are stuck in a trauma response and are consequently suffering from emotional and physical symptoms such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain or constant feelings of disconnection. Specially trained clinicians at The Manor work individually with clients to help them regain self-worth and increase their sense of safety by facilitating a deeper level of comfort and connection within their own bodies.

“The experience of trauma itself can be largely nonverbal “stated Dr. Chantelle Thomas, Executive Clinical Director of The Manor. “So doing a deeper exploration of trauma as stored within the body can be particularly enlightening in gaining access to unresolved emotional and psychological issues.”

“Some individuals who deeply struggle with their own internal barriers can be much more receptive to somatic-based therapies because this approach can be subtle, gentle, and sometimes less threatening,” continued Dr. Chantelle Thomas. “You’re not approaching someone through the front door. You’re finding another access point. It can be a really interesting tool for engaging people who are struggling with more traditional therapeutic modalities.”

Somatic Experiencing is just one component of The Manor’s holistic approach, along with trauma-sensitive yoga, personal training and massage therapy. By combining these somatically focused modalities, The Manor helps clients effectively discover that their bodies can be a powerful tool that can help predict unsafe situations and recognize signs of danger that are often precursors to relapse.

About Somatic Experiencing
Developed by Dr. Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the body’s response to trauma. Somatic Experiencing helps clients regulate the nervous system and achieve a heightened sense of self-awareness. During a Somatic Experiencing session, the practitioner gradually introduces small amounts of traumatic material, observes the client’s physical responses and guides clients to develop self-regulation strategies to restore the body’s regular stress responses. This approach helps reduce symptoms of traumatic stress such as chronic pain, constricted breathing and addictive behaviors.

About The Manor
The Manor, an exclusive addiction treatment center nestled in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine Forest, offers a genuinely residential program where guests live and receive treatment within a comfortable and confidential setting. As an independently owned treatment center, The Manor has the freedom to ensure that guests’ clinical needs always come first. From the holistic and personalized treatment plans to the private suites, each detail is designed to nurture, respect and guide guests on their unique journey to lasting recovery. Conveniently located in the Midwest near Chicago and Milwaukee, The Manor is easily accessible from two international airports.

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