About Us


The Manor offers guests a luxurious setting in which to begin re-crafting their own lives. This is important, meaningful work—and deserves to be afforded every dignity.

Discovering Yourself, Understanding Your Addiction

Lasting sobriety requires a grand vision, a fully articulated dream with goals rooted deeply in what brings you peace. While this vision is fundamentally different for each guest, it is always developed through a well-structured and rigorous process.

Upon arrival, you are welcomed by your treatment team and fellow residents. Our staff will work with you to develop a more complete picture of your true self: what inspires you, what drives you, what fascinates you, what touches you and what makes you feel whole.

Before you can commit to moving forward—no matter how personalized the path—you must first understand the challenges that lie ahead. At The Manor, you will discover a newfound understanding of addiction, helping cement your desire to explore a new path.

Flexible Yet Firm, Adaptable But Consistent

Working with your treatment team, you will begin to shape a recovery plan—fortified with proven clinical best practices—that leads toward the life you want. Here, you will find the tools you need to live a life of sobriety, with special focus on methods you can continue back home.